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Robert Miller Digital Media Consulting
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Whether in the boardroom or the control room, Robert Miller is the go-to person for solutions to some of the toughest challenges facing the nation’s digital media, broadcast and cable TV industry executives.

Miller has led a host of high profile projects including top10 DMA station conversions to HD, advising the NAB, the FCC and the presidential transition team on the digital transition and most recently building an “all star” team of experts bringing renewable energy to broadcast transmission sites. The team: “Broadcast Wind” is comprised of nationally acclaimed experts in RF, Wind and US Governmental contract administration.  Miller brings a solid foundation of both large and small scale project experience, providing sound guidance and successful strategies to an industry in transition.

Miller’s clients attest to the fact that there is very little that falls outside of Robert’s “comfort zone”.  From digital studio technologies to wind energy development within a broadcast environment, Robert Miller will help you to tailor a plan to address your company’s specific challenges and will help you to achieve your strategic goals.

Robert Miller has over 25 years of experience working with media companies, TV stations, start-up cable channels and MVPD’s.  He has developed detailed operating plans for NBC Network Operations, NBC TV Stations, MSNBC, Telemundo and several other successful media properties.  

Miller’s deep understanding of business finance, digital studio workflows, large scale broadcast project management, and green energy applications makes him the perfect choice to help lead your media company’s next major project to a successful completion.


About Robert Miller
portraitRobert Miller is President of Robert Miller Consulting LLC, a media consulting and project management firm serving the communications industry. He works with radio and television networks, MVPDs, Digital Media start-ups, and Venture Capital firms to help define and/or improve business strategy, enhance efficiency, improve work-flows, facility performance and technology. He also works with national and state broadcasting associations on a variety of regulatory compliance projects.


Robert specializes in managing big projects within the broadcasting industry. In early 2009, after serving 25 years with GE and NBC Universal, Robert decided to pursue his dream of creating a niche company that specializes in the deployment of new technologies to an industry in transition. His clients include the NAB, State Broadcast Associations, new media start-ups, systems automation companies and television stations (large and small).

Ground Breaking Projects

Robert was the first in the industry to deploy control room automation within major network O&O TV stations. He led a market by market workflow analysis and standardized best practices. Robert managed the automation company’s product enhancements to meet the stations’ rugged “top 10” market demands. The project, the first of its kind, was delivered on time, under budget and continues to save millions of dollars annually.
The DTV Transition: Led the “help line” project for the NAB. Coordinated the efforts among the State Broadcast Associations, the FCC, NCTA, CTAM, Comcast, TW Cable and created one national solution to assist “over the air” households with the DTV transition.
Robert pioneered the use of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology that helped our viewers “stay tuned” while collecting and reporting individual market issues and trends. He was responsible for total project oversight, managing design, budget, vendors and timeline. The system, utilized by the states’ Broadcasters, the NAB and the FCC, was delivered on time and under budget.
He led and delivered local HD production capabilities to nine NBCU major market TV Stations, meeting strict GE capital ROI requirements.
Most recently, Robert formed "Broadcast Wind LLC", assembling a team of experts in Wind Energy, RF, and Electrical Engineering to help promote and foster the growth of renewable energy within the Broadcast Industry. Robert is working with our State Broadcast Associations, State and Federal Governmental agencies as well as wind turbine manufacturers to help improve upon grant and incentive opportunities available to Broadcasters while establishing standards to assure non-interference of turbine blades with broadcast signals.
Robert has a Bachelors degree in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and an MBA in Finance from Rider University. He has been deeply immersed within the broadcast and communications industries since the beginning of his career working his way through RCA Broadcast Systems, GE Americom, NBC Finance, NBC Network operations, NBC Cable, and the NBC Television Stations Division. His roles have included accounting, finance, operations management, and business development.
Special projects have always been his passion, and participation was always “a must”. Robert has had the good fortune to work on some of the most pioneering project teams in the industry including the building of the Today Show’s street side studio, NBC’s purchase of its 30 Rockefeller headquarters, MSNBC’s start-up, the CNBC headquarters build, the USA Network acquisition, the Telemundo Network acquisition, and the Universal Studios acquisition.
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Core Services

Robert Miller provides business and tech-savvy solutions for a changing industry. Where most consultants confine their expertise to technical and engineering challenges, Miller looks at the whole picture – from operations and financial management, to green infrastructure, to work-flows – to achieve the highest quality "on-air" product and highest return on investment.

Miller’s insight into the pressures confronting the industry as well as the technology that’s reshaping it also makes him well-positioned to assist businesses ranging from Digital Media Start-ups to well established Broadcast Television stations, and MVPDs with the development and implementation of their strategic initiatives.

Media Industry Solutions

Business Planning and Development Services


Robert Miller has years of experience working with TV stations, start-up cable channels and MVPD’s. He developed detailed operating plans for NBC Network Operations, NBC TV Stations, MSNBC, Telemundo and several other successful media properties. Miller’s deep understanding of corporate finance and media operations makes him the perfect choice for your new business development requirements.

Some legacy media businesses are maintaining an infrastructure that, quite frankly, they can no longer afford. The erosion of advertising revenue in recent years and technological change demands a new approach.

With extensive experience in corporate finance, capital oversight and technical operations – including newsroom operations – Robert Miller can help put a stop to the “P&L bleed” and help your business grow. Miller brings a fresh perspective to tired facilities and outdated cost structures, identifying savings that can be plowed back at once into areas of strategic growth.

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Green Facilities

logo_picEnergy represents one of the largest expenses incurred by Broadcasters today. There are approximately 18,000 TV and FM broadcast transmitters (some consuming more than 1,500 MWh of power annually) distributed across the US. Wind turbines may be sited adjacent to transmission facilities to the benefit of the broadcaster, the environment and our national security.

A myriad of Federal, State and Local utility incentives are available to the broadcaster investing in renewable energy. These grants and incentives will cover up to 75% of the investment. This lowered investment coupled with a reduction in operating expenses produces a significant return on investment for the broadcaster.

Our firm’s expertise includes financial modeling, RF interference studies, wind energy site assessment, turbine selection, placement and overall project management.

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Control Room Automation: Better Product. Lower Costs.

control room automationRobert Miller works with station group owners and MVPDs to improve their control rooms, the on-air product – and the bottom lines – through automation.

Miller drives a collaborative approach that involves the whole organization – management, producers, technicians and talent – in delivering the right automation solution: one that is tailored to fit technically, economically, and is embraced by the people who’ll make it work.

As leader of NBCU’s HD Automation Production Control (APC) project, Miller oversaw the implementation of successful, highly cost-effective automation where many said it couldn’t work: in the control rooms of the nation’s largest broadcast markets. His record of success in managing complex, multi-vendor control room automations in major markets is unmatched in the industry. The APC project saved the company tens of millions of dollars and earned Miller the distinction of being chosen by Ross Video ( as a preferred project management specialist for their clientele.
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« Client Feedback

  • “Bob is great to work with from a supplier perspective. While tough and demanding, Bob is always fair and reasonable. He is able to break through organizational barriers to establish a productive team approach across multiple companies in investigating and solving difficult problems. Bob effectively manages time, quality, cost and people in making a project successful.”


    Jeff Moore
    Executive Vice-President Sales & Marketing
    Ross Video | Live Production Technology


  • “Bob Miller is, without a doubt, one of the most knowledgeable persons we’ve ever worked with on a special broadcast project. But, equally important is his work ethic. He does what he says he will do when he says he will do it.”


    Don Hicks
    President and CEO
    Missouri Broadcasters Association

  • “As the state broadcasters’ association for the national capitol region, we had to satisfy the FCC with our members’ DTV transition efforts or risk regulatory consequences for broadcasters around the nation. The custom system which Bob Miller created for us handled thousands of inquiries without a hiccup. That impressed the FCC and our stations – we’re thrilled and relieved. As far as we’re concerned, he walks on water.”



    Chip Weinman
    MD/DC/DE Broadcasters’ Association, Inc.

  • “Bob Miller works collaboratively to achieve results – always keeping a laser focus on what works in operational, financial and IT systems ways. Bob is a sure bet for taking on a ‘must do’ project.”


    Sam Howe
    EVP and CMO
    Time Warner Cable Company


  • “Bob is an extremely competent, well organized and engaged professional. He almost single handedly brought a level of excellence to the nation's DTV call in service that simply would not have happened absent his involvement. That is but one of many projects that he can claim success. I would happily work with Bob again.”



    Saul Shapiro
    NY Metropolitan Television Alliance (MTVA)


  • "Bob's insight into the specific needs for our association, our TV members, and particularly our Illinois TV viewers resulted in him designing the perfect IVR during this historic DTV transition process. He's definitely been Illinois' "go to guy" during the DTV transition and I wouldn't hesitate to go to him again, and again, and again...."


    Dennis Lyle
    Illinois Broadcasters Association

  • “Bob is terrific. He thinks through problems from every angle; makes sure solutions work for everyone involved; and delivers on promises. Our situation: we were in the analog Stone Age. Now, we’re launching several digital channels. It would not have happened without Bob.”


    Howard Blumenthal
    President and CEO, Independence Media


  • "Bob Miller gets things done. He completed a complex project -- spread between multiple stakeholders on an impossibly short timeline -- flawlessly and in the time frame. We would hire him again."


    Jonathan Collegio
    VP, Digital Conversion
    National Association of Broadcasters


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